The following are some of the community leaders who have endorsed Eli Savit for Washtenaw County Prosecutor. View our full list of endorsers here.

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Elected Officials and Political Leaders

Abdul El-Sayed.png

Abdul El-Sayed

Progressive Activist, former candidate for Governor of Michigan

Alma Wheeler Smith.png

Alma Wheeler Smith

Former State Senator & Representative; Chair, Michigan Civil Rights Commission

Anuja Rajendra.png

Anuja Rajendra

CEO, Bollyfit; former candidate for Michigan State Senate

Beth Bashert.png

Beth Bashert

Mayor of Ypsilanti

Chris Savage.png

Chris Savage

Community Activist, Publisher of Eclectablog, Host of GOTMV Show

Conan Smith (Pol).png

Conan Smith

Former Chair of the Washtenaw County Commission

Hon. David Szymanski.png

Hon. David Szymanski

Former Judge, Wayne County

Elena Greer.png

Elena Greer

Youth Vice-Chair, Michigan Democratic Party

Gillian Ream Gainsley

Ypsilanti Community Schools Trustee

Heather Roe.png

Heather Roe

Ypsilanti Township Trustee

Jack Eaton.png

Jack Eaton

Ann Arbor City Council Member

Jimmie Wilson.png

Jimmie Wilson Jr.

Ypsilanti Township Trustee

Joe Tate (Pol).png

Joe Tate

State Representative — Vice-Chair, Subcommittee on Military, Veterans Affairs, and State Police

Jordan Acker.png

Jordan Acker

Regent, University of Michigan

Kathy Griswold.png

Kathy Griswold

Ann Arbor City Council Member

Katie Scott.png

Katie Scott

Washtenaw County Commissioner

Linh Song.png

Linh Song

Ann Arbor District Library Trustee

Leaha Dotson.png

Leaha Dotson

Chair, Young Democrats of Michigan

Maria Sheler-Edwards.png

Maria Sheler-Edwards

Ypsilanti Community Schools Trustee

Mark Bernstein.png

Mark Bernstein

Regent, University of Michigan

Marshall Bullock

State Senator; Associate President Pro Tempore, Michigan Senate

Matthew Miller.png

Matthew Miller

Foster Youth Advocate, former candidate for Michigan State Senate

Michelle Deatrick.png

Michelle Deatrick

Democratic National Committee Member, former Washtenaw County Commissioner

Paul Brown

Regent, University of Michigan

Sam Bagenstos

University of Michigan Law Professor, 2018 Democratic nominee for Michigan Supreme Court

Stephanie Chang (Pol).png

Stephanie Chang

State Senator — Vice-Chair for the Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee

Sue Shink.png

Sue Shink

Washtenaw County Commissioner

Zachary Ackerman.png

Zachary Ackerman

Ann Arbor City Council Member

Community, Business, and Legal Leaders

Aaron Suganuma.png

Aaron Suganuma

Executive Director, A Brighter Way

Alex Thomas.png

Alex Thomas

Community Activist, West Willow

Alyshia Dyer.png

Alyshia Dyer

Former Deputy Washtenaw County Sheriff

Angie Martell.png

Angie Martell

Iglesia Martell Law Firm

Ashton Marr.png

Ashton Marr

Ashton Steele.png

Ashton Steele

Founder, Her World Initiative

Bill Worzel.png

Bill Worzel

Brad O'Furey.png

Brad O’Furey

Past President, Jim Toy Community Center

Brad Thomson.png

Brad Thomson

Immigration Law PLLC

Charmie Gholson

Michigan Moms United

Chris Crockett.png

Chris Crockett

President, Old Fourth Ward (Ann Arbor)

Chuck Newman.png

Chuck Newman

Founder, Protectors of Equality in Government

David Blanchard

Blanchard and Walker, PLLC

David Nacht.png

David Nacht

NachtLaw, P.C.

Denise Thal.png

Denise Thal

CFO, Planned Parenthood of Michigan

Don Campbell

Collins, Einhorn Farrell PC

Donnell Wyche .png

Rev. Donnell T. Wyche

Senior Pastor, Ann Arbor Vinyard Ministries

Doug Scott.png

Doug Scott

Dug Song.png

Dug Song

Co-Founder, Duo Security

Elisa Guyton.png

Elisa Guyton

Yankee Air Museum

Eric Moore

Eric Schwartz.png

Eric Schwartz

Professor, University of Michigan Ross School of Business

Erica Myrick.png

Erica Myrick

Ypsilanti Community Schools

Evan Caminker.png

Evan Caminker

Professor & Former Dean, University of Michigan Law School

Ginny Rogers.png

Ginny Rogers

Ann Arbor Group Leader, Citizens' Climate Lobby

Gregory Lockridge.png

Gregory Lockridge

Hakim Berry.png

Hakim Berry

Chief Operating Officer, City of Detroit

Hedieh Briggs

Former Vice-Chair, Washtenaw Democratic Party

Howard Stein.png

Howard Stein

Professor, Afroamerican and African Studies, University of Michigan

Hunter Van Velkenbergh

Jack Wagner

Jessica %22Decky%22 Alexander.png

Jessica "Decky" Alexander

Director of Academic Engagement Programs, Eastern Michigan University

JoAnn McCollum.png

JoAnn McCollum

President, New West Willow Neighborhood Association

Joe Malcoun.png

Joe Malcoun

CEO, Nutshell

Joe Summers.png

Rev. Joe Summers

Joel Pannozzo

Co-Owner, Detroit Filling Station/Lunchroom

Jonathan Warsh.png

Jonathan Warsh

Chief of Staff, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

Kim Moore.png

Kim Moore

Kim Moore PLLC

Lauren Sargent.png

Lauren Sargent

Lesie Fedorak-35.png

Lesia Fedorak

Assistant Macomb County Prosecutor

Leslie Sobel.png

Leslie Sobel

Lisa Wozniak.png

Lisa Wozniak

Executive Director, Michigan League of Conservation Voters

Lisa Disch.png

Lisa Disch

Professor of Political Science, University of Michigan

Lonnie Scott

Executive Director, Progress Michigan

Rev. Maymette Dolberry.png

Rev. Maymette Dolberry

Brown Chapel AME

Mark Kriger.png

Mark Kriger

LaRene & Kriger, PLC

Matt Grocoff.png

Matt Grocoff

Founding Director, THRIVE Collaborative

Marquan Jackson.png

Marquan Jackson

Director, Family Empowerment Program

Meghan O’Neill

Research Scholar, University of Michigan; Domestic Violence Survivor & Advocate

Michael Steinberg.png

Mike Steinberg

Professor, University of Michigan Law School; former Legal Director, ACLU of Michigan

Mike Huget.png

Mike Huget

Honigman LLP

Morgan Foreman

Muddasar Tawakkul, Esq.png

Muddasar Tawakkul, Esq.

Natalie Holbrook.png

Natalie Holbrook

Program Director, American Friends Service Committee – Michigan Criminal Justice Program

Nate Frazier.png

Nate Frazier

Host, Heart to Hearts

Neal Elyakin.png

Neal Elyakin

Nora Lee Wright

Attorney at Law

Pam McClain

Former Commander, Wayne County Sheriff’s Department

Sam Jones-Darling

Satish Ramade.png

Satish Ramade

Agile Zone

Steph White

Former Executive Director, Equality Michigan

Susan Fecteau

Tad Wysor

Community Activist

Tom Brennan.png

Tom Brennan

Tracy Van den Bergh.png

Tracy Van den Bergh

Trische’ Duckworth

Executive Director/CEO, Survivors Speak

Vijay Sankaram.png

Vijay Sankaram

Chief Information Officer, TD Ameritrade


Organizational affiliations are for identification purposes only. All individual endorsements are made in the endorser's personal capacity.


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